EXPO MEDICAL TOUR COLOMBIA 2024 ( Portal en Desarrollo )


We are delighted to announce this unique event that will bring together experts, leaders and professionals from the medical tourism, wellness and international medicine industry for five (5) days. It will be an unmatched opportunity to explore the latest trends, share knowledge and make valuable connections in this growing field. Aligned with the above, we will launch our Technological Platform Specialized in the Export of Health Services and its Chain of Complementary Products & Services of our Network of Suppliers and Allies / Strategic Partners involved in our Logistics Process.


Douring the Summit, you will discover the most outstanding and recognized destinations of the Medical Tourism Industry, Wellness and International Medicine worldwide, including Colombia, recognized for its excellence in health and wellness services. We will have the participation of prestigious national and international speakers who will share their experience and vision on the most recent advances in this sector. In addition, you will have the opportunity to connect with renowned clinics, accredited hospitals, professional health service providers specialized in medical tourism. You will be able to explore new commercial collaborations and learn about the innovative services they offer to care for international patients. The location of the event, in the historic center of Cartagena de Indias, will add a special touch to this experience. You will enjoy the rich culture, the architectural beauty and the colonial charm of this vibrant city and in turn our international visitors will be able to take the opportunity to get to know our Beautiful Country Colombia while immersing themselves in the world of Health & Wellness Tourism and International Medicine.


Get to know our Export Program of Heanth and Wellness Tourism

International Medicine & Chain of Complementary Services

We are excited to announce the launch of our platform specializing in Medical Tourism, Health, Wellness and International Medicine! This innovative platform brings together a select network of allied providers in the health sector, carefully integrated into the tourism sector, to offer an export program of excellent services.

Our mission is to provide our international patient clients with a complete, safe and reliable experience when seeking health and wellness services in international destinations. We have worked hard to select the best providers, clinics and hospitals, specialized doctors and experts in different areas of health.

By joining forces with prestigious players in the health and tourism sector, we have created a unique channel that guarantees quality, safety and trust at every step of the experience. Our services not only include medical care, but also a chain of complementary products and services that will enrich your stay.

The benefits for our international patient clients are countless. From cutting-edge medical care to the opportunity to discover exceptional travel destinations, our program strives to provide a comprehensive and enriching experience.

We are excited about this new stage and we are committed to providing an excellent service that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations. We hope our platform will become your trusted resource and partner in seeking health and wellness services.

Thank you for being part of this exciting journey with us. Welcome to a new world of health, wellness and international tourism.


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